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Affordable sheds and barns in Pensacola.

September 25, 2018

The tiny house movement is gaining speed throughout the United States as many look to downsize into more affordable and eco-friendly living situations. While some choose to build mobile tiny homes, other tiny house dwellers are turning to pre-built sheds and barns for their new home or guest house. Luckily, Premier Portable Building of Pace has barns and sheds in Pensacola that fit the bill. 

Eco-Friendly Barns 

Designing your own sheds, barns, and tiny houses is one way to tackle the high cost of living in Pensacola and throughout the country. Sheds and barns can be custom designed to accommodate all your needs in the reduced square footage. From lofted sheds and barns to custom sheds and guest homes, Premier Portable Building of Pace can turn basic sheds into the tiny home of your dreams in Pensacola. We can add interior walls, dormers, or even tiny front porches to our sheds and barns. Come in and see how we design the perfect sheds and barns for our clients. 

While we understand that one of the goals of tiny home living is to reduce your costs as well as your carbon footprint, we do offer financing for our sheds and barns that help bring your dreams into reality sooner rather than later. Talk to your local dealer about financing sheds and barns in Pensacola or your area. Financing for sheds is available. Warranty Depending on which of our sheds and barns in Pensacola you choose, we offer a  five to 50 year warranty, protecting your investment. Our sheds and barns are built with quality and we stand behind their construction. 

Quality sheds 

If you are interested in the tiny house movement, come take a look at all the barns and sheds that Premier Portable Building of Pace has to offer. We can turn any of our sheds and barns into the tiny house that you have been dreaming about. In Pensacola and throughout Florida, we are known for our quality sheds and barns.

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